About Chevrolet Colorado Full Specifications With Price And Reviews

Chevrolet Colorado Foxypilot

The Chevrolet Colorado is an American’s Automaker Series of Middle Sized Pickup Truck which was Launched in Early of 2004 with best specifications which was taken lead over GMC S15 Chevrolet S10 Pickups.

About Chevrolet colorado Generation

The first generation period of Colorado is between 2003 To 2012 in which many technologies updated time to time.

The second generation period of Colorado is from 2011 To Present in which three different Cab sizes are available which are as below,

Chevrolet Colorado

Colorado Regular Cab (Single Cab)

Crew Cab Colorado(Single Cab)

Colorado Extended Cab (Space Cab)

About Company

GMC Canyon


About Engine And Power

Year Of ManufacturingTorque (RPM)Power(KW) Engine Capacity
2012–2016NILNIL2.4 L Flex power I4
2012–2013280 LB FT122 KW2.5 L Duramax I4
2012–present347–369 LB FT135–147 KW2.8 L Duramax LWN I4
2015–present191 LB FT149 KW 2.5 L Ecotec I4
2015–2016269 LB FT227 KW3.6 L LFX V6
2017–present275 LB FT230 KW3.6 L LGZ V6
2016–present369 LB FT138–147 KW2.8 L VM Motori I4 Turbo Diesel
2016–present280 LB FT122 KW2.5 L Duramax LKH I4 Turbo
2016–present324 LB FT134 KW2.5 L Duramax XLDE25 LP2 I4 VG Turbo

Declined Rate Of Mid Sized Pickup Trucks

Below is Graphical view of Different Mid Sized Pickup Trucks during different years in USA,

Price With Models

ModelsExtended Cab / Long BedCrew Cab / Short BedCrew Cab / Long Bed
Chevrolet Colorado WT$25,200$27,100$29,400
Chevrolet Colorado LT$27,700$29,700$31,900
Chevrolet Colorado Z71$35,500$33,800$37,600
Chevrolet Colorado ZR2$41,600$43,200Not Available

Reviews And Recommendations

Below are some points about this car after reading them you can make decision about purchasing it,

High Pulling Capacity Car

Efficient Turbo Diesel & V6 Power

Can Smoothly Drive & Handle

Features are Easy to use

Safety Features are lesser

Seating Area is Lesser than Compotators

Rock Bottom Prediction Rating

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