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The Acura ILX is a car smaller than a compact car under brand named Acura. This Car is based on the Ninth Generation of Honda Civic which was launched in early 2011 in markets of North America and replaces the old car Acura CSX which was a Canadian based car.

After 2006 there was no car which was smaller than a compact car so this car became first priority in this field in states of America and was also a first Hybrid Electric Vehicle of Acura.

About Models

The First Model was launched in 2011 in which Aero Fused Dynamics was introduced which was having almost 59 percent High Steel Strength.

In 2014 model some changes made which was caused a $ 1000 increase in its price like Interior with leather, Backup Triangle Camera and Noise Cancellation Audio Subwoofers.

As In 2016 it comes with Honda Advanced Technology with Gasoline Direct Injection and DOHC i-VTech four cylinder engine.

In end of 2018 Acura Launched another Model with many changes in Interior and overall design including bumper. one thing was good in this model that it was affordable as compare to previous models of Acura.

About Company


About Engine And Power

Years Of ManufacturingTorque (RPM)Power(KW)Engine Capacity
2013 – 2015140 LB FT112 KW2.0 L (DE1)
2013 – 2015170 LB FT 150 KW2.4 L (DE2)
2013 – 2015127 LB FT83 KW1.5 L (DE3)
2016 – Present180 LB FT150 KW2.4 L (DE2)

About Price Analysis

Price Analysis according to years of Manufacturing are defines as below with help of Garaph.

No Of Units Sales During Years

As Acura ILX Number of sales remain Up and Down during different years below table will show all years sales,

Sales YearNumber Of Sales

Reviews And Recommendations

Below are some points about this car after reading them you can make decision about purchasing it,

Base Price is Low

Fuel Economy is Good

Inside Design & Quality is Unremarkable

Complicated Infotainment Features

Rear Legroom is Tight

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