About Dodge Viper Full Specifications With Price And Reviews

Dodge Viper Super Car

A very good Luxury Sports car Dodge Viper Manufactured by an American company Dodge in 1991. The Viper has five different generations in different period of times which are as follows,

  • First Generation (SR 1) Period (1991-1995)
  • Second Generation (SR 2) Period (1996-2002)
  • Third Generation (ZB 1) Period (2003-2007)
  • Fourth Generation (ZB 2) Period (2008-2010)
  • Fifth Generation (VX) Period (2013-2017)

After 2017 the Viper’s production was discontinued after serving over twenty years.

About Dodge Viper Generation

First Generation (SR 1) of this car was tested in 1989 which was launched with two production models in 1991. This model has no exterior door handles and Air-conditioning and the roof was made with Extremely durable plan woven fabric and having a maximum speed upto 266 KM/Hour.

Second Generation (SR 2) was launched in early of 1996 as Viper GTS which was chosen as a pace car and includes many of features like First time introducing Airbags in this car with replacement of steel components with aluminum which results in reducing approximately 27 KG weight of this car.

Third Generation (ZB 1) launched in 2003 with major changes in body work, In this model more lighter and durable aluminum used which reduced more weight of this car. In 2004 new model of this car launched named as Mamba Edition which was having Black interior with red stitching & trim caused increase in its price upto 3000 $.

Fourth Generation (ZB 2) of this car was introduced in 2008 with a very powerful V10 Engine which raised the power of this car up to 600 HP. Most of the changes were made in this generation was in engine with help of two external consultants Ricardo Consulting Engineers and McLaren Automotive.

Fifth Generation (VX) was launched in 2013 as SRT Viper with some electric stability controls with maximum speed of 332 Km/Hour and a major change in this model was third traction control mode to improve the performance of this car during Rain.

About Company


About Engine And Power

GenerationTorque (RPM)Power(KW)
First Generation 630 Nm (465 LB⋅FT)400 HP (406 PS; 298 KW)
Second Generation664 Nm (490 LB⋅FT)450 HP (456 PS; 336 KW)
Third Generation 712 NM (525 LB⋅FT)500 HP (507 PS; 373 KW)
Fourth Generation759 NM (560 LB⋅FT)600 HP (608 PS; 447 KW)
Fifth Generation813 NM (600 LB⋅FT)640 HP (649 PS; 477 kW)

Reviews And Recommendations

Below are some points about this car after reading them you can make decision about purchasing it,

Power Of Dodge Viper is Extraordinary

Cornering Grip Of Dodge Viper is Very Strong

Infotainment System Is Easy To Use

Trunk Space is Good

Ride is Very Harsh

Seats Are Not Comfortable

Visibility Is Poor

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